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Existing  5.0L & T5 combo about to be yanked.
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Dirty empty hole...note the chopped radius arm crossmember. I am going to make it removable because the C6 bellhousing is BIG.
Squeezing it in for the first time.  Actually went in very easily since the core support was already notched.
First mock up. Noticably offset to passender's side.
Mock up with heads, intake and distributor.
After a week of looking, thinking and adjusting...*ta-da*..the final engine mount. Driver's side, FRPP 460-to-Fox body pedestal sitting on 1" thick square tube. Note filter pad to steering box clearance. I'll get to that later. A slimmer Aerostar steering shaft will also replace the stock one.
Neatened up the engine's wiring harness and removed inner plastic fenders so I can see stuff easier. Wiring used to drape over the front of the engine, which I did not like at all.
Front view of oil filter pad and steering box. Most 460 Rangers you will ever see have the firewall notched, so engine can be set back and the filter mount would be located behind the steering box.
Passenger's side. FRPP mount bolts directly to the engine cradle. Those mounts come with rubber isolators, but if used, they would position the engine way too high in the chassis in my opinion.
I basically positioned the engine for optimum clearance in all the critical areas, oil pan, firewall, etc except for the filter mount.  A screw-on filter relocator will not be used.  Rather, I will attach the oil lines for the filter relocator directly to the block.  Big thanks to the guys at for the info on how to do that because that is what let me plop this motor where it really needs to be in the chassis.

Passenger I-beam gets close to the front side of the oil pan.
Tall valvecover clears booster by about 1/4". Note throttle cable exits the firewall just above the valvecover.
Looking in driver's side fenderwell. It's not really as close as it looks. Seems to be plenty of room to build headers. That steering shaft will be replaced with one from an Aerostar that has a much smaller joint.
Looking in passenger side fenderwell. Heater box will need to be further modified, but that was expected. The header on this side should be relatively easy.
Up front room. Seems to be plenty of room for the waterpump, fan and radiator, but the final configuration will come later on.
I laid a straight edge across the fenders to check hood clearance. Looks like a 2" cowl or so will work fine.
If you want a big block C6 to fit the trans tunnel worth a flip, chop this tab off or put a big dent in the floor pan. I elected to chop.
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