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Did some trading with a buddy of mine for the machine work on my block. Thanks Scrawn! 
Hawks Racing cast 4.5" stoke crankshaft. It has 2 slugs on mallory in it and is external balanced. I checked it and it mic'd out spot on.
Painted the block, put in the core plugs and dropped the crank right in. No clearancing necessary whatsoever in a BBF!
Heads are on!  but wait.... there's a problem....
Pretty pistons and rods ready to be dropped in.
The second step on the crank was too fat for the timing gear, So I had to hone the gear to fit snugly.
Timing cover, short early style water pump and intake mockup are all installed.
302 water pump pulley and a stock 460 lower pulley correct belt misalignment caused by using the early water pump.
Comp roller lifters, CV pushrods, and aluminum roller rockers round out the valvetrain.
I decided to go with a mechanical roller cam since my heads were already equipped with roller springs and I ran across a slightly used cam that was the spec I was looking for. Check out da lobez.....
After the intake, injectors and fuel rails were installed, I was screwing around with the elbow and ended up breaking the throttle cable shroud I was going to use.  I decided to ditch the other cable mount and stuff and just come up with another way to mount the cable.  This cable mount actually started life as a remote TFI heatsink that came on an early 90's Tbird.  I busted the fins off, filed and sanded it until it was a presentable bracket.
That's right, Nissan 300zx wheels (16x7.5) were the perfect match for what I was looking for and they are the perfect offset for both the front and for the rear. I picked up 4 wheels and tires all in excellent condition from a guy in California. I have since changed the rear tires out for much larger ones (255/60-16). The fronts remain 225/50-16.
Wheels.... Man I just flat could not decide what to do about wheels for this thing.  My requirement was it had to be an OEM-ish looking wheel that wasn't polished or flashy, but not something you are used to seeing on a Ranger everyday of the week.  I previously had ProStars on it and they were OK, but I am REALLY getting tired of seeing those on every car at the track.  Besides, the rear ProStars were the wrong offset so they had to be replaced anyway. I have a full set of Salad Shooters and was very close to using them when I remembered a Ranger I saw back in 1989 on the cover of Truckin'  magazine....
Fronts. Best part is the bolt pattern is correct.
Rear fender clearance.
Heater box modifications..... yes, it will still flow air.
Rear axle (3.55 gears with Sure Grip) and c-notch (S-10) have been installed.  Axles are Yukon's from Dr.Diff and feature 3" wheel studs.  I plan to paint the diff center section black to cover up that red somebody sprayed on there.
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