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Mating the trans to the engine.  I injured my back picking up the trans to slip it on.  ooowie.
I had a little help from my youngest son.  He was having fun.
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It's finally in for the last time... or is it? (there's a little foreshadowing there for you.)
Another angle.
Remote oil filter line attachments.
Passenger's side.
Driver's side.
After moving the crossmember mounting brackets to the front set of factory drilled holes, the trans mount lined up perfectly. It's almost like Ford intended it to work this way.
There are two sets of holes pre-drilled in the frame for the transmission crossmember mounting brackets.
It became very clear that the reg location and fuel line routing I had planned was not going to work well.  I relocated the reg to the intake elbow and redid the fuel lines to feed from the front.
Another thing that became clear was the fact that the back corner of the valve cover and the brake power booster were trying to occupy the same place in the engine bay. After weighing my options, I decided that notching the valve cover was the best choice.
Finished and installed.  That back valvecover bolt is SUPER HARD to get to.
Next, I fabbed up a low alternator mount that would work with my oddball pulley setup.  It tucks the alternator down and back pretty tight to the block.
Top view.
After much deliberation, I decided to build a fuel cell rack and recess it into the back of the bed.  I purchased some swuare tubing and got busy welding.
Checking the fitment of the cell and rack.
Cell installed, rack painted and covered with sheetmetal.
It's in!
Bottom view.