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New and improved fuel line routing.  Well away from the headers,
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An Aeromotive A1000 was mounted to the frame on the driver's side and Aeroquip blue push lock hose was used for supply and return.
I took an old Army surplus portable filing cablinet I had lying around and cut it up to make a battery box.  The plasma cutter my wife bought for me made this job a cinch.
Lid on.
The driver's side header finally installed....along with a lot of my knuckle-meat.
Passenger's side was much easier.
Passenger side header exit.
Chopped some holes in the bed for shock mounts.
Made some shock mounting brackets from 2" square tube.
The mounts would actually flex outward when the suspension compressed, so I decided I had to tie them together.
Installed the radiator and checked for electric fan clearance. It's a good thing I used the short water pump. It's tight up there!
Plastic inner fenders were trimmed and installed.
Two 10" electric fans were installed.
All together and ready to fire!  I messd with the Megasquirt a little and it came to life.... LOUDLY.  This thing sounds AWESOME with open headers.  My kids ran out of the backyard screaming.
Then it happened....  After running for a while, I noticed water dripping from the #4 header tube.  I finally pull the head and discover  a crack in the cylinder wall and a nicked up piston and combuction chamber.
You can see nicks in the head and a dark band where the piston hit the head.  This was caused by what I found in the next pic....
Well, out comes the motor...arrrrg.
Notice the #4 connecting rod bolts are not tight.  Somehow I must have neglected to torque those bolts when I was putting the bottom end together.... double arrrg.  The rod bolts were bent, the bearing was turned and the piston was cracked. But, the crank was fine, the rod just needed a sligh touch-up at the machine shop.
I tore it completely down and haluled it to the machine shop for a sleeve. They checked the rod for straightness and resized thebig end a tad.  I ordered a new piston and two new rod bolts.
Reassembelled and waiting for a new piston to arrive.
Sleeved hole. They did an awesome job.