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Time for some mufflers before my neighbors get angry with me.
Cats were installed (to stay legal) as well as Hooker Max Flow mufflers. 90 degree turn downs were added and exist just in front of the rear tires.
I just KNEW it was going to need a hole in the hood to clear the intake....
Guess again. No hole was necessary.
So I added a small scoop to cover the hole.  I think I will eventually pit a flat hood on it.
After my first real test drive it was very apparent that I had to do something about traction.  I decide to build a set of traction bars similar to a Cal Trac or a Slide-a-Link.  I made some patterns for the bell cranks and cut them out with the plasma cutter.
I clamped them all together and evened them up with an angle grinder. I marked and drilled all the holes while they were still clamped so they would all be identical.
Bell cranks.
For the bracked under the axle, I decided to just make a piece that would weld to the existing spring plate using 1/4" plate and 2' square tubing.
They fit in like this.
I purchased some 1" DOM tubing that was internally pre-threaded from . I purchased the rod ends and bolts from local sources.
I felt a brace was probably a good idea to strengthen the lower bracket.
One side mocked up.  The bars I ordered were 24" long. I eneded up cutting 1.25" off so they would fit correctly.
I eventually pulled them back off and scalloped the top edge of the bell cranks to allow for more up-travel without bining against the spring perch.